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Industrial Film price
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  Mining Locomotive Walking System manufacturers
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 04:07 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

New locomotive standard
YUTONG Mining Electric Locomotive
FOUR Advantages:
1. Senior technical team:
l  40 years of manufacturing experience
l  Professional Technology Team
l  Cooperation with institutions
l  Cooperation with China Railway
2. Produce CORE POWER
l  Armature Coil
l  Primary Coil
l  Insert Process
l  DC Motor Armature
l  Magnetic pole assembly
l  Finished Product
l  Winding Process
l  Warp Process
3. Quality Control
l  Strict Purchase Procedures: Famous Brand of Raw material, Strict QA Standards
l  Strict Shipment: High standard QC system, demanding testing standards, ruthless outbound standards.
l  Strict process requirements, rigorous work attitude
l  Locomotive driving test, motor running test
l  Strict Technological ProcessMining Locomotive Walking System manufacturers

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  FASHION Rubber BOOTS factory
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 04:06 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

The Brand We Served
Our Factory
Topcentury always aims to help CUSTOMER Brand Grow.As a professional and experienced manufacturer & supplier of rain boots, or wellies, or gumboots, whatever they are called, we are bound to link your rainy world to all the charms you want. In spite of all these charming rain boots, we never stop our paces in searching for more items to bring you an even more charming life. So here you will also find raincoats and umbrellas matching those charming rain boots, as well as any other products you want us to search for you.Just remember, Topcentury will carry out the full solution. No matter how large or small your business is, Topcentury is more than happy to make your idea into reality!
Our Product
• Hunting&Fishing Rubber Boots
• Rain Boots
• Fishing Waders
• Snow Boots
• Wading Boots
Our Certificate

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  1206 SMD Resettable Fuses factory
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 04:04 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

Our History
Dongguan Tianrui Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the most professional circuit protection components manufacturers and programme suppliers in China for about 10 years.
Our Factory
With more than 10 years experience, our factory has become more and more advanced. We adopts the high quality raw material from abroad and Taiwan regions. With a number of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, perfect quality management system is adopted to ensure that every single piece of our components are with safety and stability.
Our Product
We are specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing circuit protection components for over-current, over-temperature and over-voltage applications with different performance, types and specifications. Main products include all kinds of fuse, fuse holder, ntc sensor,thermal switch, circuit breaker, etc.
Product Application
Our products are widely used for the household electric appliances and auto industry.
Our Certificate
All our operations are ISO9001:2000-certified. Our products meet international standards including UL, UR, CSA, BSI, CUL, VDE, TUV, PSE, CE, CCC, ROHS certification etc.
Production Equipment
Our 5,000-square-meter factory is equipped with 25 production lines and staffed with more than 150 skilled workers. Each month we can produce 5,000 million fuses and fuse holders to fill your volume demands.
Production Market
Our trade sales department has passed professional training. Our customers come from all over the world, main market is USA, UK, Australia, South Korea, Canada, Germany etc.
Our Service
All our main products have achieved international approvals or standards required. We have professional sales to ensure your inquiry will be treated within 8 hours. Our team will serve for you from the beginning of your source to the very end of the shipment. We are exporter based on factory so that the cost can be saved directly for you.1206 SMD Resettable Fuses factory

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  China Pressure Transmitter For Flush Type manufacturers
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 04:03 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

Our History
Dongguan NanLi Sensing is a integrating independent research and development, production and sales department technology enterprise. Based on the principle of scientific and technological development and sustainable development, NanLi Sensing based on the pressure and load cell industry. Advance into the depth and breadth of sensor field, continue to introduce cost-effective medium and high pressure, load cell and so on.
At present, the company has a R&D team with excellent technology, innovation and experience. it is widely recognized by customers after the company's products are put into the market,. The company's Nanli brand has become a symbol of stable quality, excellent performance and high cost performance.
The company has passed ISO9001. And have certificate for CE RHOS FCC. Have the patent for product.
Products include sputter film pressure sensors, industrial pressure sensors, melt pressure sensors, weighing load cells, torque sensors, pressure switches, road portable weighing detection systems, temperature sensors, instrumentation, industrial controllers. Widely used in industrial process pressure measurement, medical, chemical fiber, petroleum, machinery, energy, road and other fields.
The company currently has three production lines equipped with multiple CNC machining equipments, with complete manufacturing and processing capabilities to ensure the immediate production and delivery products on time.
The company consists of eight departments: manager's office, administrative management department, technology research and development center, production department, quality inspection department, domestic marketing department, foreign trade department and customer service center. The technology research and development center is mainly responsible for product innovation and new product research and development. The production department will provide you with excellent products in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the technology research and development center.
Nanli Measurement and Control is committed to providing customers with excellent products in a timely and effective manner and providing comprehensive services.
Our Factory
The company currently has three production lines equipped with multiple CNC machining equipments, with complete manufacturing and processing capabilities to ensure the immediate production and delivery products on time.
Our Product
Products include sputter film pressure sensors, industrial pressure sensors, melt pressure sensors, weighing load cells, torque sensors, pressure switches, road portable weighing detection systems, temperature sensors, instrumentation, industrial controllers. Widely used in industrial process pressure measurement, medical, chemical fiber, petroleum, machinery, energy, road and other fields.
Product Application
Widely used in industrial process pressure measurement, medical, chemical fiber, petroleum, machinery, energy, road and other fields.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production Market
Mainly sold in North America, South America, Europe, Middle east, Southeast Asia, Domesitc  and so on.
Our Service
Before the sale, a professional sales team communicates with customers, and the engineering department will produce samples and confirm the quality according to customer needs.
On the sale, professional production, process, quality, warehouse departments to ensure that the products are delivered on time according to quality and quantity.
After the sale, after-sales team will follow up on the shipment until customer receives goods. If there is any problem, they will promptly feedback and give solution.       
1. Sensor basics and common terms:
Sensor: A device or device that senses a specified measurement and converts it into an available output signal according to a certain rule. Usually composed of sensitive components and conversion components. A sensitive component is a part of a sensor that can be directly (or responsively) measured.

2. What factors determine the performance factor of the load cell:
The load cell is a force-to-electricity conversion device that converts gravity into an electrical signal and is a key component of the electronic scale. The load cell of the load cell is mainly composed of a sensitive grid, a substrate, a coating layer and a lead wire. There are many types of sensors capable of realizing the power conversion.
3. The principle of the load cell:
The load cell is a force sensor used on the electronic weighing instrument. It can convert the gravity acting on the measured object into a quantifiable output signal according to a certain proportion, taking into account the gravitational acceleration (g) and air at the place of use. After the influence of buoyancy (f).
4. The current status and development trend of sensors in automobiles:
With the development of electronic technology, the degree of electronic electronics has been continuously improved. Traditional mechanical systems have been difficult to solve some problems related to automotive functional requirements, and will gradually be replaced by electronic control systems. The sensor is a key component of the automotive electronic control system.
Company AdvantageChina Pressure Transmitter For Flush Type manufacturers

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  Sinotruk Engine Assembly Made in China
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 04:01 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

Sinotruk Marine Diesel Engine Assembly MC13 for sale.
Mainly engaged in Cummins parts, Sinotruk parts, common rail products, used for Cummins engine and other suitable engines, such as M11 N855 K19 K38 series, used for Marine, truck, generator set, mining equipment, oil field equipment, engineering construction machinery, highway construction, power unit, rail construction and other engineering machinery.
Product Parameter (specification)
OE NumberMC13Truck ModelHowo
Warranty6monthsEngine TypeDiesel
TypeDiesel EnginePlace of originChongqing, China
Brand NameSinotrukModel NumberMC13
Production details
Packing & Deliver
Packaging Details
Carton package
Port: Shanghai, Guangzhou or other ports
Company Information
We provide a wide range of original and aftermarket parts for Sinotruk engine, including Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Pistons, Ring Sets, Pumps, Gaskets and Engine Overhaul Kits etc. As the largest distributer of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Chongqing Fuel System Co., Ltd (CCQFSC) which introduce Cummins license in 1984, we supply high quality and competitive price PT fuel pump and injector.
1. What service we can offer for buyer?
A. Best quality engine parts---OE engine parts.
B. Competitive Price--- Purchase from our company, no middlemen.
C. Quick Response---Both Computer and mobile terminals are online, reply timely.
D. Fast Delivery--- have 2 warehouses,1 days for parts in stock or 10 working days
2. Which payment terms can we accept?
A. T/T term --- 30% down payment is required in advance, and 70% balance shall be paid before the shipment.
B. L/C term ---a 100% irrevocable L/C without "soft clauses" can be accepted. Please seek the advice from the individual sales manager whom you work with.
C. Other term --- Small orders accept flexible payment methods, such as Western Union, paypal and so on.
3. What other parts can we supply?
A. PT fuel system parts --- PT fuel pump, injector and fuel cup and others.
We are the biggest distributor of Sino Truck Group((CCFSC)) Chongqing fuel system.
B. Cummins overhaul engine parts --- Cummins KTA50, KTA38, KTA19,NTA855, M11, QSK and so on.
C. Delphi parts --- we are the sole distributor in orders accept flexible payment methods, such as Western Union, paypal and so on.Sinotruk Engine Assembly Made in China

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  Bicycle Stainless Brake Wire Rope Made in China
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 03:55 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

鈻?Our History
Established in 1995, our company specializes in manufacturing brake cables for bicycles and various other cables for any type of machinery. We also produce cable casings and other related parts. We have a registered capital of USD1,000,000, and export 80% of our products to more than 50 countries and regions.
鈻?nbsp;Our Factory
With a factory that covers 10,000 square meters and a staff of more than 150 people, we produce 10,000,00 sets of control cables and 30,000,000 meters of flexible tubing annually. We use advanced manufacturing equipment imported from Japan in our modernized workshops, and all of our products are ISO9001-certified.
鈻?nbsp;Our Product
Outer casing , bicycle cables, motorcycle cables, other control cables, inner wires
鈻?nbsp;Product Application
Bicycle, motorcycle , automobile, electric fan , rolling door
鈻?nbsp;Our Certificate
鈻?nbsp;Production Market
More than 50 regions and countries, such as The United States, Europe , Asia, Africa and Latin America and so on .
鈻?nbsp;Our Service
With our enterprise spirit of 鈥淨uality, integrity, innovation鈥? we are very happy to continue providing customer-satisfied products for existing and prospective clients!Bicycle Stainless Brake Wire Rope Made in China

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  Cross Tab Handle manufacturers
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 03:54 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

Our History
Guangzhou Fontainelife Products Inc. was established in 2002. The company covers an area of 3,000 square meters and employs 125 people. It is a professional manufacturer of sanitary hardware accessories products integrating design, development, production and sales. With more than 20 years of experience in bathroom hardware production and sales, we are familiar with the quality requirements of countries and regions.
We have been committed to the exploration and pursuit of sanitary wares, paying attention to the manufacturing process of every detail, standardizing production in strict accordance with international production standards, and striving for product design, structural design, material selection, mold manufacturing, production technology and quality control. Perfect, every product has undergone rigorous testing. At the same time of OEM processing, we can also carry out professional design and processing according to the customer's market demand to enhance the competitive advantage.
Production Equipment
The company has the following departments: Development Department, Business Department, Materials Department, Finance Department, Quality Department, Production Department and Personnel General Affairs Department. Quality first is our consistent aim. All quality control personnel adhere to the first line of production and strictly control the quality. In order to strengthen the company's internal information circulation and coordinated management, since the establishment, we have carried out the promotion and implementation of the ISO quality management system, and have now introduced the ISO9001-2015 quality management system.
We have advanced production equipment and inspection equipment, CNC lathes, automatic lathes, pipe bending machines, digital milling machines, punching machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, double-axis laminating machines, polishing machines, hydraulic stretching machines, water testing machines, film thickness. Test machine, salt spray test machine, etc., can be used for mold opening, casting, forging. Stamping, finishing, polishing, electroplating, assembly and other rectifying water operations. The monthly production capacity is 300,000 pieces. And can carry out a variety of surface treatments, polishing the original color, nickel plating, chrome plating. Brush the wire nickel. Paint and PVD treatment in various colors. Product development by professional designers, advanced technology and strict management system, as well as a comprehensive after-sales service system, make our products sell well at home and abroad.
Production Market
The company adheres to the guiding ideology of 鈥渢eam management, effectiveness management, creating a vision and giving back to the society鈥? Work hard and actively develop domestic and foreign customers. In China, we have established supporting partnerships with a number of brand companies, and our customers are concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong. In foreign countries, our products are exported to the United States, Canada and other countries. The quality and service of our products have won recognition and recognition from customers and enjoy high reputation in overseas markets.
We have many years of experience in OEM and ODM of American sanitary ware manufacturers. In order to provide better price, on-time delivery and perfect after-sales service, we can supply goods in both mainland China. We work hard with integrity as our business philosophy. Towards a modern, excellent multinational corporation with a large scale of management science.Cross Tab Handle manufacturers

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  China School Backpack factory
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 03:53 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

※ Our History
CiXi QuanSheng Bag Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer. It has more than 25 years on producing bags. We specializes in camera bag, backpack, trunk organizer, car backseat organizer, school bag, cosmetic bag, tote bag, hand bag, travelling bag, shopping bag, sport bag, messenger bag, waist bag, lunch bag, cooler bag, picnic bag, pencil case, computer bag etc. We have more than 100 workers. Proficient technique and advanced machines make good quality.
We pride ourselves on our honesty and quality. The long-lasting relationships we hold with our current clients proves this. We look forwarder to creating a new partnership wth you.
※ Production Equipment
Cutting machines, Sewing machines, Computer machines.
※ Production Market
USA, Japan, UK, Italy.China School Backpack factory

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  Industrial Film price
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 03:51 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

Our History
Our company was founded in 1954 and began to produce polyethylene agricultural film in 1978. In 1993, it was transformed into Anyang Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd. which is the designated production enterprise of agricultural film of ministry of light industry and ministry of agriculture.
Our Factory
The company covers an area of 60,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 200 people, the annual production capacity of agricultural film more than 50,000 tons.Currently, he is a member of the agricultural film committee of China plastics processing industry association and a member of the agricultural plastic products branch of China agricultural plastic application technology association.The national standard GB4455-2006 "agricultural polyethylene blow molding shed film", GB/T 20202-2006 "agricultural ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) blow molding shed film" one of the drafting units.
Our Product
Company agricultural film products: PO film, EVA (pearl) film, polyethylene fog-reducing anti-aging film, polyethylene drip anti-aging film, watermelon special film, melon special film, grape special film, strawberry special film, special melon Membrane, flower special film, aquaculture film, polyethylene anti-aging film, mulch film, grass film, etc., the production specifications are 1-20 meters wide and 0.010-0.20mm thick.
Packaging film products: stretch film, liquid packaging, degradation film.
Product Application
The company's agricultural film products are suitable for covering greenhouses, large, medium and small greenhouses, as well as aquaculture, fruit tree planting, crop ground cover and other aspects.Is agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing and other industries essential means of production.
Packaging film products are suitable for all kinds of industrial and civil packaging.
Our Certificate
Business license, registered trademark certificate,Customs declaration unit registration certificate、Automatic feeding system patent certificate.
Production Equipment
Company has the domestic advanced five-storey, three-storey agricultural film production equipment a total of more than 40 sets, as well as perfect film testing equipment, and self-developed domestic first distribution control PE granular pneumatic automatic feeding system. The system was awarded the Gold Award of Henan Science and Technology Achievement Fair in 2000.
Production Market
Company's philosophy is "based on morality, safety first, innovative technology, high quality, customer satisfaction, benefit employees".In the past 40 years, we have been focusing on the development, research and field application of agricultural film, and customized products suitable for customers in different regions, which have been well received by users.The products have been inspected by national and provincial quality supervision departments over the years and all meet the requirements of national standards.The products sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and are exported to many countries.
Our Service
Company has established a sound user service system, through full communication with users before sales, to accurately understand user needs, to ensure that the product is suitable for user needs.After-sales service team composed of technical and sales personnel, through market research, visits to users, on-the-spot investigation of product use,Obtain user feedback to ensure that the company can continuously improve products and services to meet user needs.Industrial Film price

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  Customized Teak Raw Materials
Geschrieben von: yiyangqianxi - 17.03.2020, 03:50 - Forum: News - Keine Antworten

With upgraded tools and machinery, we are indulged in offering a qualitative range of Teak Chowkhats / Doorframes. This product is improved using premium quality input that we acquire from the reliable suppliers of the marketplace. Along with this, the obtainable product diversity is also available in standard options and as per the necessities given by respected clients.
We are a well-known organization of Teak Chowkhats / Doorframes. Our products are made under the headship of dexterous professionals employing the industry allowed raw material, which is procured, from honest sellers of market. Our products are enormously utilized by customers owing to their water resistance and sturdy nature.
Customized Teak Raw Materials

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